You know what sucks?
This is the part where i babble about life and shit.

I’ve always been the outcast, the one everyone picked onfor being different. I have always been too nice, which lead to letting people walk all over me. Ive always forgiven people to easily and told myself that everything will be fine in the end. The past few weeks have made me feel like im nothing to anyone, and that im not good enough, not even for the one person i was and still am in love regardless of the fact that they feel nothing toward me anymore. My family tells me i’m selfish but i still dont see what could possibly be selfish about making sure others are happy even if im not? Friends are something i dont really have at all because in my younger years a would try and try to perfect myself to rise up to peoples standards, i would just like to say FUCK your standards you cocky fuckwits. To everyone over the past 16 years thats put your bit in for ruining my fucking life, you’re all low and can go suck a dick.

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